Run your business from anywhere

With over 40 years of experience as a global leader in the flexible workspace industry, Servcorp offers a variety of solutions to help businesses succeed from home or other remote work settings. With a Servcorp Virtual Office you can work from home and still have a dedicated receptionist to answer your calls in your company name, mail forwarding, a 5-star address to use on your business cards or website, and more.

Below, we will introduce some of the most popular services included in a Servcorp Virtual Office, explain the benefits, and provide examples of how they can support people working remotely.

Keep your business connected


Telephone Answering

  • About this Service:
  • Your dedicated receptionist will answer your business calls in your company name, confirm the call details, transfer it, etc., all according to your instructions.
  • Benefits:
  • Using Servcorp’s proprietary phone answering system, you get a professional, dedicated receptionist to handle your calls and ensure you capture all of your business opportunities. There is no need to hire and train a receptionist or have staff go into the office to handle the phones.
    By leaving the telephone handling to Servcorp’s highly trained team of receptionists you can focus on your main tasks and increase your productivity even if you are working from home, while never missing a vital call.
  • Packages Offering this Service:
  • Communications Package The Virtual Office Package

Find Me, Follow Me

  • About this Service:
  • Calls to registered landline numbers, such as your main business line, are automatically transferred to another device (e.g. your home phone, mobile phone, etc.) in the specific order you decide.
  • Benefits & Uses:
  • The advantage of Servcorp’s “Find me, follow me” service is that even if everyone in your company is working from home, they can still handle calls to the company's main line from home.
    Should an employee fail to pick up the transferred call, the call will automatically transfer to the next designated staff member's phone, thereby preventing the call from being missed.
  • Packages Offering this Service:
  • Communications Package The Virtual Office Package

A 5-star image for your business


Business Address

  • About this Service:
  • Work from home and still enjoy the advantages of having a prestigious business address. Choose from any of our 150+ locations worldwide, and once you qualify you can use our 5-star address on your business cards, website, or for business registration.
  • Benefits:
  • When you sign up to use one of Servcorp’s premium business addresses you can enjoy the prestigious image that comes with a 5-star address and peace of mind knowing your personal address is kept private. Work from home or remotely without having to put your personal address on your business collateral, business cards, or website. This helps ensure your privacy while also giving your business a more credible and prestigious image.
  • Packages Offering this Service:
  • Address Package The Virtual Office Package


Mail Forwarding

  • About this Service:
  • With Servcorp’s premium address and mail forwarding package our team ensure any packages or letters sent to your registered Servcorp business address are transferred to your home or other designated location.
  • Benefits:
  • Reduce the time and effort required to collect mail by having your mail received and transferred from one of our premium locations instead of sent to an office where the employees may be absent due to remote work, etc.
  • Packages Offering this Service:
  • Address Package The Virtual Office Package

Unmatched business support

Bilingual Secretary Services

  • About this Service:
  • For professional businesspersons who do not currently have an office, are not ready to hire full-time staff, or do not have the time to interview/hire a secretary, Servcorp offers Bilingual Secretary Services to support your business. You get the help you need when you need it without having to hire, train, or pay for a full-time employee.
  • Benefits:
  • Our bilingual secretaries handle everything from daily office tasks and routine work to sales calls, document creation, translation and interpreting even in a remote environment.
  • Packages Offering this Service:
  • Communications Package Address Package The Virtual Office Package

IT Support

  • About this Service:
  • A strong IT infrastructure is essential for successful teleworking. From troubleshooting a PC to setting up a complex network, you can ask Servcorp's IT team for assistance.
  • Benefits & Uses:
  • A lot of technical difficulties can occur when you work from home or remotely. Below are just a few situations in which Servcorp’s highly trained IT Team can help support you and your business.
    • Troubleshooting sound/video problems that may occur when attempting to hold a video conference.
    • Assist in connecting your work PC to your home Wi-Fi.
    • Assist in setting up a secure VPN to access office resources from home.
  • Packages Offering this Service:
  • Communications Package Address Package The Virtual Office Package


Servcorp Community

  • About this Service:
  • An online business community of 50,000+ like-minded imagineeers to buy from, sell to & collaborate with.
  • Benefits:
  • Social Distancing rules don’t apply on our Community. Network, collaborate, and create business partners online or over the phone without the need to meet in person.
  • Packages Offering this Service:
  • Communications Package Address Package The Virtual Office Package

Packages to fit your business


Virtual Offices

A Virtual Office allows businesses to benefit from all the advantages of a prestigious address, landline phone numbers and a support team without committing to dedicated office space. Servcorp offers 3 kinds of Virtual Office packages to fit your business’s needs: Communications Package, Address Package, and The Virtual Office Package. All packages come with access to Servcorp’s Bilingual Receptionist and IT Support services at member rates, as well as access to Servcorp’s Community.

Virtual Office Packages
  • Communications Package
    • This package includes a landline number, answered by a real person not a machine, who can take a message or forward the call as required.
    • Gain access to: Call Handling and “Find me, Follow me” services.
  • Address Package
    • Our 5-star address becomes your address to use on your letterheads, business cards or for business registration. Work from home and still have the reputation advantages that only a city centre address can bring.
    • Gain access to: A 5-star address and Servcorp’s Mail Forwarding service.
  • The Virtual Office Package
    • Everything but the office! This package provides your business with everything that is included in the Communications Package and Address Package at an affordable price.
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Upgrade Options

As needs change and you require a more permanent/professional workspace for your business you can upgrade to a Servcorp Serviced Office or one of our Coworking packages. By upgrading from a Virtual Office to a Serviced Office or Coworking membership, you get a more permanent workspace while still being able to use the same 5-star address, business phone number, and other services you enjoy with a Virtual Office.

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Navigate the coronavirus

Navigate the coronavirus

  • Work from home or remotely and still have support, a great address, plus access to our offices when you need them
  • With a Virtual Office you gain access to the secretarial and IT support your business needs to thrive
  • Servcorp's phone handling and mail forwarding services allow you to focus on your main work
  • Social distancing enforced at all of our Virtual Office lounges

Be ready for the rebound!

  1. Expand across the country or the globe
  2. With either a Virtual Office to work remotely, a Hotdesk, or a private office for 1-20 people, you can instantly scale up with flexibility and without risk
  3. We’ve made the investment, you reap the benefit

Your competition will be amazed!

Victory will go to those able to take advantage of the rebound!

Your support team

These are just some of the many ways a Servcorp IT Enabler can assist you.

  • Setting up your home WiFi
  • Setting up Zoom or one of many other web conferencing tools
  • Designing and establishing a company website
  • Securing your devices with antivirus protection
  • Backing up your data

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