Day Events, Turkey

I started using your office facilities in 2012 and would like to share what I thought on decision and trial process. There are a lot of other companies that provides similar services as Servcorp but under more appropriate conditions, however, I decided on Servcorp after the floor manager determined our necessities properly and made a detailed explanation of your products, which also created a full trust in us. Following our decision, everything went on as promised to us. We have not met any surprises. It is important for us to be provided the promised services properly. I can definitely say that Servcorp manages this well. It makes us happy that all team members work devotedly and helpfully as if it was their own business. This also makes us feel at home. Shortly, Servcorp is continuing to supply us our necessities and you can make sure we would like to keep our corporation for long years.

Yunus Senel - Day Events 


3 Oda 1 Salon, Turkey

We have been using Servcorp virtual office facilities for a year.  As a part of our business, we operate most of our work outside, mostly in sales offices of different architectural projects. For this reason, it was always a burden for us to keep a head office at a specific point. We had to have a well-educated secretary work in an office where we did not go regularly. We also had to pay for office cleaning, maintenance expenses, a service personnel and etc. at the end of the month. I really have gotten rid of all these things since I started to work with Servcorp. My company has an office in a prestigious location, always smiling and well-educated secretary and a very smart boardroom. My office is always totally clean and tidy and the service given is a high-qualified one. I moved the address of my company legally, as well. Accordingly, I got rid of all this burden with a cost effective solution. Also, Servcorp do not ask for a long term contract. They are so flexible that you can easily terminate your membership providing a one-month notice in advance. What else can a business person expect? I recommend Servcorp to everyone who operates their business as I do.

Bahar Aykac - 3 Oda 1 Salon


Air Products, Turkey

John and I really appreciated spending time with you . The tour of your beautiful city was excellent. I also really appreciate the hotel info it looks beautiful. Thank you for your kind suggestion and help!

John McGlade, Chairman, President and CEO


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