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Serviced office vs Commercial Office: A 2024 Outlook

The most up-to-date, in-depth comparison of serviced vs commercial offices in Australia's office rental market. Explore vacancy rates, cost breakdowns & more.


What is hybrid work: the advantages & disadvantages

Delve into what kind of work style hybrid work refers to, and learn the advantages and disadvantages of this normalised work style.


Time to scrap the office? The return-to-office dilemma

Most employers are demanding their staff to return to the office, but workers aren't on the same wavelength. What's the solution?


The Ultimate Project Management Framework for Startups | Servcorp

Being able to prioritise and manage projects will help your startup survive in the marketplace. Learn how to craft a project management framework.


Working from home vs office - Pros and Cons to consider


Creating the best freelance office space: Complete guide

Learn how to set up an office space that's tailored for freelance success. Get tips on creating the best environment and equipment here!


Virtual Office vs Home Office: Which One is Right for You

Discover the differences between virtual and home offices, and determine which workspace is the perfect fit for your business needs with this guide.


How to get a virtual address

A virtual address is a convenient solution for businesses that need a professional address without the cost and maintenance of a physical office.


How to Use Correlation in Business Decision Making

Correlation is an important concept that can be used to analyse data sets and assist business leaders in gaining useful insights into the relationships between business outcomes.


What Is A Virtual Receptionist & How It Can Help Your Business

Discover all the ways a virtual receptionist can help your business with answering phones, taking messages, providing customer service & much more!


Office Space for Lawyers – Best Office Types for Law Firms

Learn about the different types of offices that law firms can choose from for their needs & which factors are most important when choosing an office space.


Leasing Office Space: The Ultimate Cost Saving Guide 2023

This guide will provide a complete overview on all the costs related to leasing an office space and provide cost saving advice.


Five Tips for Small Businesses to Reduce Operational Costs

Although it may not be easy, every small business that wants to succeed in the long run should have a strategy that strictly keeps its operational costs to only what is necessary


Why Malaysia is Ideal for International Business

Malaysia’s well-developed infrastructure and connection to the global economy makes it an attractive destination for businesses to expand their operations or set up a new one.


The Benefits of Secretarial and Telephone Answering Services

Telephone answering services and secretarial support can be time saving method and mitigate the risk of wasted productivity.


Do Businesses Still Need a Landline? The Pros & Cons of a Landline Phone

Now that smartphones are easily available and offer more functionality than a landline phone, is landline still necessary? This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of having a fixed-line phone for businesses big and small.


8 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces are Better than Working from Home [2022]

Working from home echoes comfort and seems ideal until we're faced with distractions, isolation and complacency. Coworking spaces are ideal as they are comprised with people which work towards the same goal.


4 Methods to Sustain Long Term Business Growth

Every business owner has a vision of continuing to grow, however not everyone has a business development strategy in place to ensure long term success.


Top 7 Biggest Business & Workplace Global Trends Which Will Shape 2023

The way business work across the globe is always changing, however the past few years has changed everything in an unprecedented manner.


Covid-19: Changes in Consumer Purchase Behaviour and What Are Consumers Looking For in 2022?

Find out what consumer purchasing behavior is, why it's important to your marketing strategy, and the shift toward heavily experience driven satisfaction that has occurred as a result of COVID-19.


Hybrid Offices: The Post-Covid Workspace Solution

Since the pandemic, many businesses have realised that the hybrid office concept and demand for remote work has not only increased, but is likely here to stay.


What is Flexible Workspace? Why Flexible Office Spaces are becoming common

Learn what it means to have a flexible workspace and the benefits you can get from using one. Discover ways to implement flex-space into your business, which technology you need, and tips for setting up these spaces successfully.


Where to meet clients when working from home: The first impression

Now that working from home is a common occurrence, one of the most frequent questions which arise is where should I meet my clients?


Tips for renting your first office space: small businesses

The endeavour of renting a new office space for small businesses is a significant step and a milestone to celebrate upon completion.


Time is money: Why delegating is important for businesses

Every business should have the goal of reducing time spent on repetitive tasks which produce minimum or no capital and redirect that time on tasks which create the most amount of money.


Hub-And-Spoke Office Model: What is it, what are the benefits, is it a hybrid solution?

The appeal for flexible and smarter workspaces has dramatically increased, allowing the hub and spoke to resurface as it favours the well sought out hybrid working conditions.


How to make your business environmentally friendly

As a business, we all must recognise that one way or the other we contribute towards climate instability and the more effort we place into being environmentally conscious, the longer we preserve Earth and fulfil our responsibility.


What is Hot Desking? Why it’s beneficial for businesses to increase productivity and collaboration?

In today's business world, hot desking has allowed people to move around desks within a day, making it useful for both self-employed people and large businesses corporates to keep productive and connected while on the move. Read on to find out more about hot desking and how it can benefit your business.


Do you have Zoom fatigue?

Mental exhaustion from Zoom calls and video conferencing is reaching peaks like never before. Co-working to maintain in-person communication and for a change of environment may be the solution you need.


What is Coworking?

Coworking spaces are being adopted by more large companies aiming to eliminate the cost of under-utilised and empty office space, and also give employees greater flexibility when and where they work from. Although this is an important factor, coworking spaces offer a lot more than simply reducing business expenses.


How to downsize your business in 2022 without losing credibility

When a business downsizes the first thing that takes a hit is its credibility and public perception. Although a company may need to reduce either its physical or organisational size due to financial reasons, it’s important to not appear unstable.


How to boost your productivity in remote work settings?

Coronavirus has seen remote and hybrid work models put in place to meet health regulation requirements


The numbers are in. Workspaces will change post-COVID. Discover what that means for your business.

Remote working potentially allows companies to reduce their infrastructure overheads and increase access to the best talent from anywhere in the world.


How to futureproof your workspace, post-COVID

There’s no denying the COVID-19 pandemic has inalterably changed the way we work.


The Future of Work: Impact of COVID on Professional Services

Covid-19 has changed how businesses engage with consumers. New trends are emerging with less traditional ways of meeting consumers & digital transformations.


Consumer Survey: How has COVID impacted workplace trends?

Servcorp joined forces with Roy Morgan to conduct a Consumer Survey on both business and non-business owners about customers’ perceptions on what makes a company more lucrative, as well as the changes in the office landscape brought about by COVID.


How to manage cash flow & reduce overheads

As your business grows, your costs will too, so it’s vital to keep on top of your businesses cash flow and continually find ways to reduce your overheads for healthy cash flow.


Why Office Design Matters

A beautiful, well-considered office design can make all the difference in attracting employees and help existing teams feel more engaged.


TOP 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

With so many Coworking options at your disposal, take the time to pause, reflect and test the critical areas before you commit.


The future of the corporate office in a post-pandemic world

Social distancing has become one of the norms of everyday life since the outbreak of Covid-19, forcing workplaces to revaluate the proximity and density of workers in the corporate office.


Why Young Entrepreneurs Need Mentors

The mentors you choose have been down the road you’re about to go down, and can provide valuable business insights, advice, moral support, and the encouragement you might need in order to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Small Business Marketing: Marketing Ideas on a Low Budget

Marketing ideas for small business. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while now, there’s a wealth of ways you can do small business marketing for low or no cost.


How to keep your business running smoothly through the COVID-19 outbreak

7 ways Servcorp can help you power through the current Corona challenges.


Coworking vs. Virtual Office: What is the Difference?

As businesses adopt remote work models, many organisations are re-evaluating their expansion plans and seeking new workspace arrangements to support a hybrid model of days in and out of the office.


Reasons to hire a virtual assistant for your business

A virtual assistant can free up time so you can focus on ways to grow. Plus putting the work in the hands of a professional is more cost-effective and efficient than doing everything yourself.


Mindfulness for entrepreneurs and mindfulness in the workplace

It’s on everyone’s mind right now. But what exactly is mindfulness, and how can it benefit your business?


Hybrid workspaces: The future of remote working & telecommuting

As the world is forced to refocus on health and safety, telecommuting is creating a new kind of hybrid workspace where employees combine working from home with working on-site.


Working from home tips: How to deal with cabin fever

Working remotely during coronavirus can take its toll in the form of cabin fever. If working from home tips you over the edge of sanity, you’re not alone.


Flexible Workspace vs Traditional Offices: Which to Choose?

In this article, we look the pros and cons of a flexible workspace vs a traditional office space to help you decide which will work best for your needs.


17 Productivity Tips For Working From Home Through Coronavirus

It is likely before this string of novel Coronavirus was even a possibility, you had never heard of the term 'social distancing'. (by Alex Ong & Aroha Kareroa)


Working remotely is more than a trend

The past years have shown a significant increase in remote working trends. Everyone from the employers to the employee have seen flexibility and opportunity from the ability to work from home.


Working from Home: Servcorp Virtual Office is the solution

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises globally, precautionary measures have been implemented by governments and companies alike to halt the spread of the virus.


There are ‘virtual’ ways to get things done

With remote work trending, businesses will need to deploy some of these aids.


Turkish business are influenced by modern trends

With its design and office layout Servcorp exhibits its difference in serviced offices worldwide. Designed by Keskin Architecture the interior of Servcorp offices offer both aesthetics and comfort in addition to the benchmark technology that is unique to the market.


Servcorp: the creator of the Virtual Office concept in Turkey

Servcorp, the provider of the premium serviced and virtual office solutions worldwide, opened its first business center in Turkey at the Louis Vuitton Orjin Building in Nişantaşı.


Cost saving through Serviced Offices

Alfred Moufarrige, CEO of Servcorp introducing the concept of serviced offices to Turkey, stated that they would save 70% through these serviced offices.


Are you thinking of expanding your business this year?

Are you thinking of expanding your business this year? Servcorp is now open in 100 premium locations worldwide.