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Turkish Business are influenced by modern trends

2012 | Servcorp

With its design and office layout Servcorp exhibits its difference in serviced offices worldwide.  Designed by Keskin Architecture the interior of Servcorp offices offer both aesthetics and comfort in addition to the benchmark technology that is unique to the market.

While Servcorp continues to grow its global office network and operations in 22 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the United States and Europe they aim to provide an atmosphere where inevitable stress precipitated by hectic work tempo is kept to a minimum.  This is achieved with the designs created by Keskin Architecture which reflect the trademark of Servcorp.

With the office solutions they provide worldwide Servcorp themed offices provide modern and exotic lines in their offices that respond to living conditions.

With their unique architecture and modern style SERVCORP serviced offices also stand out due to their A grade quality and prestigious City locations.

In conjunction with the benchmark technology provided, Servcorp prove their difference above the rest through their million dollar investment in office décor.

SERVCORP designs provide comfort in working environments

Servcorp Offices are decorated with the use of modern techniques and designs at world standards and are illuminated by Lumina and Zumbotel lighting products, the pioneers in “waveguide” lighting technologies.  TLC brand carpets made by %100 Belgium wool and Tredaire UK brand felt underlay are used in SERVCORP offices to provide a comfortable working environment. 

Minimalist architectural design and decor are used in all SERVCORP offices and one of the most distinctive features are the modern Chesterfield leather lounge suites used in rest areas.  The blue carpets that are used throughout the offices are preferred due to the colors soothing effect and in order to provide a tranquil environment in which staff performance is enhanced.

A special production Japanese Shivakashy white granite is used for the floor surfaces which to the aesthetic.  The signature feature checkerboard granite floors and the expensive marble boardroom table equipped with executive leather in the conference room across all Servcorp floors is to ensure clients get to experience first class conditions.  The benefit outweighs the cost of investing in a marble boardroom table and ensures that there are no scratches or chips so clients can enjoy meetings in a quality environment.

The quality beech dividers designed by Keskin Architecture that have been used in the work stations provide a comfortable working environment.

Servcorp is inspired by the luxurious cosmopolitan concept used in five star hotels without any display of logo or branding presenting an environment of unity and balance.

The Japanese stick to the ZEN Philosophy while the Turks prefer Simplicity 

Servcorp offices are designed with the use of modern techniques at world standards.  While factors such as quality, product range, fashion, trends, lighting and color are at the forefront the cost function of the aesthetic dimension are also a consideration.

Servcorp Turkey offices located in Nisantasi and Tekfen Towers are simple and functional a reflection of the modern contemporary theme.  The predominant colors used include white, red and black which enhance the modern theme.  The soft plain surfaces used on the furniture in the Servcorp Turkey offices reflect luxury and comfort.

The general style of decore used is comfort and simplicity where the modern contemporary theme is reflected present lines that are easy on the eyes.  The use of pastel colors and small objects that are not distractive emphasize the details on the furnishings which present the pleasures of a modern office. Each Servcorp floor worldwide also personally hand pick original artwork and support local rising artists.

With the offices that display elements of harmony and tranquility that are simple yet detailed there is an emphasis on every detail from coffee cups to lounge suites to blinds. The new glass sliding door mechanism for offices smartly designed by Keskin Mimarlik adds to the modern theme in the Tekfen floor of Servcorp.

Servcorp designs Worldwide…

Servcorp offices respond to personal requirements in the corporate world with different themes available worldwide.

The most outstanding features of the Australian SERVCORP theme are its simple lines and comfortable decore, likened to a Parisian theme which makes it a sort after alternative working environment.

 The use of minimalist architecture, the English theme together with modern lines in New Zealand SERVCORP offices responds to the comfort factor sought after by New Zealanders.  Bangkok SERVCORP offices make use of pastel colors and are inspired by the Asian style using the Thai Colonial theme throughout. 

SERVCORP Japan offices make use of the Asian Japanese theme with flowers used in all their interiors.  With preferred accessories such as ceramic vases, floral ceramic tiles and ceramic friezes Servcorp Japanese offices are visually enriched.

Servcorp offices in Europe are decorated with classic lines as seen in the Paris office with beautiful 19th Century designs and the Haussman floor in Paris located across galleries Lafayette boasts a very unique Egyptian theme.

As for the SERVCORP London office the use of unique and noble lines that are a consistent throughout the English theme are clearly at use.  The London office where the Scenes of London theme is used contain still-life paintings and Chinese porcelains which are the preferred, indispensable, classic choice in English decor.